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Dr. Locs Double-sided Clamp Brush is a premium hair tool designed to meet the needs of loc wearers. Crafted from a mixture of nylon and natural fibres, this high-quality brush features a wooden handle for a superior combing experience. Used to gently clamp your locs and move downward, this brush reduces build-up, evenly distributes moisture and eliminates lint for a therapeutic and satisfying experience.

When to Start Brushing Locs
You want to be sure to begin loc brushing at the right time. If you are just beginning your loc journey, it is best to wait until the majority of your locs have buds on the ends and are in the teenage phase before you start Loc Brushing. Attempting Loc Brushing before you reach the teenage phase puts your locs at risk for unraveling so, at this early stage, it’s better to take preventive measures against lint and buildup by protecting your locs at night and using natural products. 

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