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The Ease Leave-In Conditioner can be used daily or as often as needed to hydrate and replenish dry, parched hair while protecting it. This creamy moisturizer is formulated to dissolve quickly without weighing down hair and can be layered with stylers for added hold and definition. A year-round staple in any climate.

Ease was recently awarded "Best Leave In Conditioner for Natural Hair" by Self Magazine's Healthy Beauty Awards 2023.

Here's what one tester from the awards panel had to say: "My curls felt so velvety smooth after using it-- they looked hydrated and stayed hydrated. Plus there was no buildup and my hair didn't feel weighed down"

Available in a 12 oz container, the Ease Leave-In offers more hydration for less. Can be used on all hair types for multiple styles and safe for kids.

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