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Happy, healthy, lovable curls on day 1. how kinky is that?!

our next level moisturizing curl defining cream is here! bold words for a bold product— know for yourself...

forget about crunchy hair. forget about dryness and white flakes. here’s the rundown: we will “freeze” your curl pattern in place while the hair dries, leaving soft, defined curls once drying completes. your hair remains soft and defined for days promoting an experience of softness and fullness that can withstand the test of time. it feels good on the inside when it looks good on the outside!

no need to “scrunch out the crunch” from your hair with the Adwoa beauty moisturizing curl defining gel. our gel was specifically made for kinky to curly hair, so even the kinkiest textures can achieve a wash ‘n’ go. add life to your hair. make sure to use on sopping wet hair, melt the product in your hands before application and rake with your fingers in small sections, for best results.

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