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3 Ways To ​Summer Proof Your Hair!

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

1. Use a Protectant Salt content is the main concern of taking a dip in ocean water. The sea salt dries on the hair and can make the hair feel drier than it should. To remedy this problem, you could do one of two things — condition your hair prior to swimming, or coat your hair with a thick layer of coconut or castor oil. These oils seal the hair’s natural moisture in and keep the salt from absorbing it. For the pool or hot tub, wet your hair prior to swimming. Make sure to find a great swim cap, for my curlies with “Kilo Curls” check out Swimma Caps.

2. Protective Styling Properly secure your hair in a bun or a secure ponytail of some sort to protect your hair from the sand which is a pain to rinse out. Also, you’ll find that securing your hair will make detangling much easier. Don’t opt for the curly fro if it shrinks heavily and will require a lot of gentle manipulation and time to style post swim. Pick a style that will allow you to move easily from wet hair to styled hair post swim, crochet braids or mini-twists are my favorite.

3. Rinse Your Hair Post-Activity Be sure to rinse your hair once you’re done with your activities-whether it includes the beach or the pool. Both chlorine (from a pool) or salt water (from the beach) should be rinsed as soon as possible to avoid any additional drying to already dry curly hair. If you are enjoying a week long vacation or the kids will be swimming during summer camp, Co-Wash the hair in between wash days.

4. Wash and Deep Condition Your Hair After you have retired from your long, sun filled vacation, be sure to wash your hair (and the kiddies) with a clarifying shampoo to remove any sand, salt or other debris that may cause damage. Inahsi Naturals Sulfate Free Clarifying shampoo is our customer favorite. You don’t have to deep condition every time you hit the water, but if you swim or go to the beach often, you may want to consider incorporating a weekly deep conditioner into your regular hair regimen.

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